The first way is to get our complete and detailed home-study program. You get in your Alpha-Power© program: a detailed and very comprehensive book, not 4, not 5 but 6 self-hypnosis CDs. In order for the home-program to deliver good results, you need to commit to it and do all the practice sessions and homework.

Alpha Power Home Study Program


The second option which is acceptable is to buy the self-hypnosis recordings and listen to them. This is definitely not my most recommended option as it lacks the deeply needed guidance you can get from option 1. As a bonus, you will receive a 4th and very powerful recording for when you buy three!

The Blue Disc- Master Self-Hypnosis

The Blue Disc - Master Self-Hypnosis

This first Alpha-Power© recording will help you achieve and master self-hypnosis rapidly. You will be amazed to realize that you do not need a recording or another person to help you go into a deep, very relaxing self-hypnosis. By easily reaching a state of profound and total mind and body relaxation, you will be able to live your life in a calm, peaceful and natural way.

The Pink Disc - A Perfect Anesthesia

The Pink Disc - A Perfect Anesthesia

You will learn in the second Alpha-Power© recording that you have within yourself all the abilities to achieve the perfect anesthesia with hypnosis. You will learn the same powerful techniques they use when doing surgeries with hypnosis as the sole anesthetic agent. You will be amazed to realize that you have the power to control all the sensations in your body. By being able to achieve such a deep level of anesthesia, you will go through life with minimal discomfort while enjoying the experience.

The Yellow Disc-Your Perfect Place

The Yellow Disc - Your Perfect Place

In this third Alpha-Power© recording, you will build your very special perfect place. This special place will bring you peace, calm and serenity. By being able to enjoy your perfect place, your body will remain completely relaxed and you will be able to achieve peaceful relaxation easily. As an added bonus, you get to keep your special place and can return to it whenever you feel the desire to enjoy life to its fullest.

The White Disc - Life is Beautiful

The White Disc - Life is Beautiful

In the fourth Alpha-Power© recording, your get to practice and live the perfect life. It is a known fact that the human brain manifests what it conceives. This way, by making you live and practice the ideal life for you, it becomes a reality, your reality. You will also learn to create a protective bubble around you and your loved ones, thus ensuring that nothing can interfere with your project of living naturally and peacefully.

The Gold Disc - A Perfect Harmony!

The Gold Disc - A Perfect Harmony!

This fifth Alpha-Power© recording is special for many reasons. First, you only have to go in self-hypnosis and then listen to it as many times as you desire. Second, it is a complete and powerful summary of the whole program. Third, you should only listen to it on the day that your need to get into a very relaxed and focused state.

The Silver Disc-Active Hypnosis

The Silver Disc - Active Hypnosis

I created the sixth Alpha-Power© recording when I realized that I did not always have time to do my daily self-hypnosis and my regular physical exercises. Hence, you get to exercise on a very upbeat music while listening to very powerful hypnosis messages. You will be the first to experience this revolutionary hypnosis technique that I have invented. Enjoy!

Alpha Power

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