Does the Alpha-Power© program really work?

  YES it does! We have enjoyed many interesting successes and have customer testimonials to back it up.

  What are the basics of the Alpha-Power© program?

  The Alpha-Power© program teaches self-hypnosis techniques to assist in life changes and improvement.

  Will I remember anything of my hypnosis experience?

   Of course you will – and they will be very pleasant memories too! You might experience time distortion and feel like an hour lasted only several minutes, like when you are at a party. Rest assured - it is a very pleasant feeling.

  What is the best way to learn the Alpha-Power© program?

  The best way to benefit from the Alpha-Power© program is purchase the home-study course, which comes complete with a tutorial e-mail program. This would be the equivalent of having your own personal trainer to begin an exercise program. Keep in mind that you still have to commit to the program and do all the homework and the exercises. The program comes with six powerful self-hypnosis recordings and detailed explanations.

In order to achieve all the benefits and experience the life you really want, you must follow the program and do the exercises. Keep in mind that this is all self-hypnosis and you are the only person capable of providing yourself with the perfect anesthesia and relaxation required to live a comfortable life .With the help of the Hypno-Beginning© program, many of my expectant mothers amaze themselves (and the attending nurses) when they achieve such fantastic levels of comfort and peace during birth – and so can you. In our example of a physical training program, this would be the equivalent of using home exercise videos to train with.

The third way is to purchase single self-hypnosis recordings. This is an option, but I highly recommend you buy the entire home-study program to achieve all the benefits of the Alpha-Power© program.

  I’ve bought a lot of books and registered for other classes because I want to know everything about pain management and self-improvement. Is this a good idea?

  You have to be very selective about what read. Some books can create a lot of useless anxiety. In a conference, I read a little paragraph in a book about the baby’s movements in the womb to illustrate this. The baby’s movements were described as being “violent attacks”! Can you imagine? The same applies to commercials on television which depict life as a long painful ordeal that can best be helped by taking pills. COME ON!  Life is supposed to be a great and satisfying experience!

  My doctor has never heard of hypnosis for well-being. Is this a problem?

  You need to get your doctor’s approval before starting this program. It is NOT intended to replace any competent health care recommendation. You do not need your physician to know about hypnosis to be able to live in the best possible way as my program will teach you. Most likely you will WOW your physician with being able to achieve the improvements you desire so well - they may just inquire how you are doing it. I suggest you take your Alpha-Power© book with you so people can learn how.

   When should we start the Alpha-Power© program?

  For optimum effectiveness, please allow four to six weeks to complete the program. You can start sooner as long as you do your hypnosis exercises regularly during the program period. I have completed some very beneficial single sessions with my patients, so it is never too late to start - and benefit from the Alpha-Power© program. Once you have completed the program, you can then choose whichever parts you want to repeat or re-use.

  I was planning on using other techniques for improved health. Can I use self-improvement programs, exercise programs, etc.?

  Of course you can! You can use whatever positive program, book or audio you can put your hands on. You can receive positive messages by listening to music or whatever works for you. You have learned eyes-open hypnosis and selective anesthesia which enable you to be very mobile while in hypnosis. Most people chose to stay comfortably in bed, resting upon pillows with minimal effort to best enjoy their hypnosis experience.

  I am not certain I can achieve this kind of control on my mind and my body. How can I best succeed?

  It doesn’t take any special skills - you will surely amaze yourself by how beautifully you will be able to attain deep levels of hypnosis. We often witness marvelous childbirths using the Hypno-Beginning© program. Alpha-Power© is also a complete program designed to provide you with the tools necessary to achieve the perfect life. I know you will succeed. Rest assured that most if not all of my patients have displayed some doubt while learning hypnosis. To do otherwise would be very unusual. When the time came, they were able to use all their self-hypnosis tools in the best manner for them.

  Did Dr Fiset “invent” hypnosis for well-being and childbirth?

  Hypnosis for a comfortable and peaceful life has been around since the dawn of man. It has been described in books before the 18th century so, no, I did not invent such a beautiful tool. All the techniques, all the knowledge has been around for a very long time. You can say that back then these powerful elements were not put together in a simple and understandable fashion. Like an unfinished puzzle, all the pieces existed but were hard to fit together. I organized and simplified the knowledge and power of hypnosis to make it accessible to anyone who is interested in a better life. I have fifteen years of medical experience and a very thorough hypnosis background which “gave life” to this unique program. It is simple, very detailed and well researched.


  What is modern hypnosis?

  Modern hypnosis is a profound state of relaxation of the mind and body where the critical part of the brain is pushed aside and positive suggestions can be introduced to the subconscious mind - to result in positive change.

  What is the difference between the conscious and the subconscious mind?

  I don't want to delve into the very technical definitions of the conscious and subconscious mind, but basically the subconscious is the part of the brain that functions in a more automatic way. I like this example Don Mottin, a very gifted hypnotherapist, gave:
“Do this little exercise: First, say the alphabet out loud. Try it. Notice how fast it comes out. This is your subconscious mind at work. Now, I am going to make it easier for you. I am going to diminish your task by half. You only have to say every other letter!! Do it. Unless you have done this many times before, your conscious mind had to do the work; you had to think of what you were saying.”

  Who discovered hypnosis?

   If you look at the history of mankind, you will realize that hypnosis is as ancient as the human mind itself. Instinctively, man has always used hypnosis, as it is a natural and very comfortable state.

  Tell us about the history of hypnosis?

  The history of hypnosis is widely published on the Internet. We can tell you that hypnosis can be traced to the dawn of civilization. The very first recorded surgeries with hypnosis as the only anesthetic go as far back as the early 1800’s. We still have a lot more to discover and understand about how the human brain functions. Modern hypnosis has helped many problems that remained hopeless in the past. Dave Elman was a great hypnotherapist who taught doctors and dentists the many applications of hypnosis for pain management. I have been impressed with how Dave Elman helped a man with a forty year stuttering problem lose it in a single thirty minute session. Stuttering is a condition that can be greatly improved or eliminated with the help of hypnosis. The person stuttering often would benefit from a skilled hypnotherapist because the root of the problem is often found in a traumatic experience during childhood. So far, nobody has picked up where Dave Elman left off and it will be a great step forward when someone continues his work to teach dentists and doctors the many applications of hypnosis.

  Why do people fear hypnosis?

  Because of the negative images portrayed by television, films, and some hypnotists who wanted to impress by presenting hypnosis with false claims. People tend to think they will be controlled by the hypnotist. Not true! The hypnotist does not have powers, merely knowledge. He can guide you into hypnosis but there is nothing you will do against your will. If you look at hypnosis programs, no one is being dragged to the stage - they are all volunteers. Truth is - if a person did not want to be hypnotized, there would be no show at all.

  What does modern hypnosis have to offer that we haven't really heard of?

  It offers a 100% natural method, proven effective with no side effects, capable of changing your life in a positive way. What more can you ask for?

  How can hypnosis help me?

  By listening to a recording designed to help a specific area of focus, you should quickly see an improvement in your behavior and beliefs. Since we do not learn at the same pace (remember when you were in school - there were fast learners, average students, and slower ones). We don’t really know how many times you have to listen to a recording before you feel and notice an improvement. Some people say you should listen to a hypnosis program for twenty-one days, others say as few as five. If you skip days, don’t worry - the message will be imputed anyway so you don’t have to commit every day to the effort. As a matter of fact, some people experience changes in their lives after just one session. One thing is for sure, if you listen to the recording "motivation for work" for over twenty-one days and you do not notice any difference, maybe you should ask yourself if you are in the right job!

The other way of having hypnosis help is by modifying behaviors you are not particularly fond of through the help of a skilled hypnotherapist in a private session. Here the hypnotherapist can work specifically with you.

That brings us to the number one condition for hypnosis to work: motivation. The person has to want to change a behavior or belief. This means their subconscious is ready to accept and make the changes. This is why a hypnosis recording should NEVER be given as a gift - the will must come from the person. If Mrs. Smith gives Mr. Smith a hypnosis recording or pays for a private session with a skilled hypnotherapist to stop smoking, the odds that Mr. Smith stops smoking are next to none. He has to be the one who is ready and willing to change. Similarly, I highly recommend you never give a recorded hypnosis session for weight loss to a friend. The interest has to come from the friend. Why test your friendship!

  In your opinion, what is the most powerful hypnosis tool ever invented?

  Easy! Take a moment to think of what you believe the most powerful hypnosis tool ever invented to be. Is it the hypno-disk? Is it the pendulum? Is it the pocket watch?

Pig TV

Yes, that's right: television! Actually all media holds a powerful hypnotic power over you. How else would you explain why more than half the North American population is overweight? How would you explain that it costs millions of dollars to put on a commercial during the SuperBowl and that companies are fighting for the spots and making lots of money out of it (not on the exact moment, but isn't it surprising how you just want to buy a specific model of car when spring comes?). This is why if you listen to your hypnosis recordings for twenty or thirty minutes everyday and then you turn on your television and watch it for four hours every day - and they show you how much of a good time you are going to have if you eat this and how popular you are going to be if you drink that - the hypnosis might not feel like it's working. The television industry has innumerable teams of “hypnotists” - I don't even try to compete with them. That is why weight loss is such a hard battle to fight.

The next time you go to the store, notice how some magazines offer you "the new secret and miraculous way to lose weight" in the front - and then display triple layer chocolate cake recipes in the back. They have been in business a long time – and they know how to guarantee self-generated business.

  Didn't you say hypnosis could not make us do anything that would be negative?

  Yes I did say that – and for the most part it is true. Allow me to share two exceptions. The first is if your subconscious mind is imputed with negative messages before it is mature enough to assume its protective function (which occurs very early on in life). It is also true for people with limited intelligent. For example, if a young child is being constantly told he is "a no good, unwanted child, a burden … etc." then he will incorporate this message into his profound belief system. These beliefs of being unworthy will form the basis for this person's life behaviors and poor self-image - and can result in addictions, recurring difficulties in personal relationships and more. Rest assured that even such profound negativity can be modified and improved with the help of hypnosis. Listening to recordings is one way, but sometimes private sessions with a skilled hypnotherapist can greatly improve the situation.

The second exception of when hypnosis can make you think or do things not good for you is if the negative message is repeated over and over to your subconscious. In a way, it's as if the mind gives up and says: "All right, I have seen this message so often - it didn't feel right, but I encounter it so often, it must be true." This is where television and all forms of publicity, have succeeded in making us accept all kinds of harmful and negative behaviors, overeating being the most obvious. Stop and think - over half the North American adult population is overweight.

If you look at civilizations before television was invented, the rate of obesity was almost nonexistent. Imagine that you are watching your favorite comedy show, you are laughing, you feel like you are almost part of this happy and warm group - and then your mind sees a commercial for pizza or potato chips - and then back you return to your happy programming. What happens when you are lonely or bored and you want to feel you are part of this fun and loving group? Your brain thinks it's in the pizza and the pizza ends up in your stomach. Not good...

Television commercials are usually 30 seconds in duration because they don't want you to realize that this is different from the program you are watching. Television executives want your subconscious mind to associate laughter, pleasure and happiness with their products - and it does.

I have just provided a very powerful gift by bringing to your attention something you knew all along - that television is bombarding you with hypnosis - and the more you watch television, the more your behavior is modeled by the commercials you see. Now that you know you can choose to be critical when you see a commercial - or take a walk (which is good exercise anyway). I personally feel it easier to almost never watch television, providing me with a lot more free time.

Alpha Power

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