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No Matter How Badly You Have Battered, Neglected Or Poisoned Your Body It Forgives You!

Dr Nathalie Fiset, a family doctor and certified Hypnotherapist, is happily spreading good news. Many medical studies have proven beyond a doubt that it's never too late to take a step towards good health. For example, the U.S. Surgeon General states that only twenty minutes after smoking cessation, your blood pressure and your pulse slow. Twenty-four hours after smoking cessation, your risk of heart attacks drops! After two to three weeks of being a non-smoker, your blood circulation and your respiratory functions increase by as much as 30%. After twelve months of freeing yourself from cigarettes, your risk of heart disease is half those of a smoker. Take a moment to think about this!

It gets even better! According to the Canadian Cancer Society, at least 50% of cancers would be avoidable by adopting healthy lifestyles (including healthy eating habits, of course). If an overweight person diminishes her body weight by as little as 5 to 10%, she will start experiencing better control over diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, etc. This means YOU have control over the life you live.

In order to get closer to your ideal weight, the equation is very simple: you either have to lower your calorie consumption or increase your caloric spending. The best for you would be to do both of course. After checking with your physician, start your new life today. It is recommended that you eat five to ten portions of fruits and vegetables per day and exercise for thirty minutes per day most days of the week. Remember that any fantastic journey starts with a first step. Take it today!

You have to be patient and realize you have accumulated this excess weight over time. A healthy rate would be if your weight drops by two or three pounds per week. For people who would be discouraged by this number, remember this can add-up to over one hundred pounds in one year!

Healthy choices start at the supermarket. Be conscious of what you put in your cart. After all, if you don't keep tempting unhealthy foods in your house, you will not eat them.

Experts agree on the fact that you can take your health into your own hands and make a difference. Thus, according to the Mayo Clinic, the top health threats for men are mostly preventable.

Dr Fiset warns people who would be tempted to seek fast chemical solutions to their health problems - a pill is not always a solution. She invites you to visit the Canadian Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Program (CADRMP) Online Query and Data Extracts. Here, you will find an on-line database providing the public information concerning suspected adverse reactions occurring in Canada with respect to marketed health products, as reported to Health Canada. A total of approximately 170,000 records dating back to 1965 are available. Do not get impressed yet however, as Health Canada states that only about 10% of all adverse effects are reported!

Of course, we all need help from time to time. Feel free to ask friends or family members for support or, better yet, have them share your new found way of life. There are also many support groups on the Internet. You can join one of them.

As an added bonus, it has been proven that a healthy person is a happier person. You have nothing to lose, except your old limiting habits.

After all, someone wise once said: "Treat your body like a temple so your soul will want to live in it."

Dr Nathalie Fiset is a family doctor, a certified hypnotherapist and a neuro-linguistic practitioner. She is the author of the very powerful hypnosis for childbirth program Hypno- Beginning©. She is currently creating the amazing Alpha-Power© program for best mental and physical health with hypnosis. You can learn valuable information on natural childbirth on her web site at You can also consult her other complete professional web site on hypnosis for well-being at To be notified when her Alpha Power© program is ready, please subscribe to her newsletter on those web sites.

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