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A safe, satisfying, natural childbirth: why would anyone want this in 2005?

Natural childbirth is still the most safe option for the mother and the baby by exposing them to the least possible interventions and drugs. You have to remember that any medication can cross the placenta and potentially affect the baby. Hypnosis, by making the birth naturally comfortable is the ideal solution.

Hello, I am doctor Nathalie Fiset, a family doctor and certified hypnotherapist. In my medical practice I have always been more interested in providing health and well-being to my patients. I have ăconceivedä the Hypno-Beginning© program after attending more than 2200 births, many of them natural, many of them with the use of hypnosis.

My patients got very interested in using hypnosis for childbirth when they found out I was a hypnotherapist. I then referred them to existing hypnosis for childbirth programs. I rapidly realized that these courses did not prepare them adequately to use all the power of hypnosis for the birth of their baby. Many of them reported a very high level of pain during the birth.

It also frequently happened that, during labor, I had to tell my patients:äYou are doing great, you are very relaxed...but you are not in hypnosisä, to their amazement. I then started offering my patients who had taken the other hypnosis classes to do private sessions (after my regular office hours) to teach them all the powerful hypnosis tools they were missing. After all, I knew exactly what elements they were missing to be able to experience the ideal birth they had prepared for. This came from the fact that I have researched all the data on hypnosis for childbirth. The results were very impressive: these couples had very comfortable, natural and rapid births. The attending staff was amazed by the ease my patients gave birth, naturally.

I had to transmit my knowledge in order to help as many expecting couples as possible to use the powerful tool of hypnosis for childbirth. I was also highly encouraged by the increasing demand. So, I spend a full three months to create the Hypno-Beginning© program. My program is simple yet very complete and efficient. This way, the powerful hypnosis techniques for childbirth can be transmitted completely.

I humbly admit that I did not invent anything: giving birth with hypnosis has been around since the beginning of man. I often give the analogy of the pieces of a puzzle that would have been scattered all through your house. All the pieces are there but putting the puzzle together can be a very hard task. My program gives you this puzzle, in a nice box with all the instructions to build it. You will receive through your classes or by reading this book all the necessary instructions to put together the puzzle. I actually simplified it to a simple version consisting of four pieces. Your will then be able to redo the puzzle very efficiently for the birth of your precious little baby.

My program consists of four sessions of two hours where you will learn all the powerful hypnosis techniques for childbirth. You will easily be able to reach rapidly a very comfortable state of self-hypnosis, achieve very deep anaesthesia of your body, prepare for a calm childbirth, etc This way, wherever you give birth, you will be self-sufficient in using everything you have learned in my program. My aim is not to make certified hypnotherapists out of you. I want to give you a tool that will help you achieve a very comfortable level of hypnosis anywhere, anytime. This way, it doesnât matter if your health practitioner is familiar or not with hypnosis because you are self-reliant in achieving the techniques. I strongly believe that the more health care providers will be exposed to hypnosis, the more it will rapidly gain in popularity. In the mean time, it doesnât really matter if your doctor is not familiar with hypnosis for childbirth because you will be able to go in this marvellous state on your own.

Of course, you will experience moments of DOUBTS! After all, you have been programmed for a very long time to believe that giving birth can be an awful experience. The increasing number of women who gave birth very comfortably with hypnosis have proven that this does not have to be the case. Giving birth can be a marvellous, peaceful and natural event in your life. You only have to desire it to make it happen.

P.S. I have been asked to create a similar program of health and well-being with the help of hypnosis for people that are not pregnant. I am currently working on the Alpha Power© program which should be ready by January 2006.

Dr Nathalie Fiset is a family doctor and a certified hypnotherapist. She is the author of the powerful hypnosis for childbirth program Hypno-Beginning©. You can learn valuable information on natural childbirth on her web site at You can also consult her other complete and professional web site on hypnosis for well-being at: To be notified when her Alpha Power© program for best mental and physical health with hypnosis will be ready, you can subscribe to her newsletter on the web sites.

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