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Dr. Fiset has been a family doctor in Montreal, Canada since 1990. From a broad family practice, she had to narrow it down to the follow-up of pregnancies and attending births. Her path came across hypnosis in 2001. She immediately developed an interest for hypnotherapy, feeling like she had found the missing link in her medical practice and in her personal life. After all, it's not everyday you find a 100% natural method, proven safe and efficient for bringing about better mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being. She completed her hypnotherapy certification in 2004 with Omni Hypnosis Training Center and in 2005 received a second certification with the American Alliance of Hypnotists, and she has done extensive research on this fascinating subject.

About Dr. Nathalie Fiset
That's me holding the baby
I delivered the day before

Does this mean you think that hypnosis is better than traditional medicine?

Certainly not! If you are suffering from an acute perforated appendicitis, find the best surgeon in town and have him remove your appendix promptly. People will agree with me that traditional medicine has always and will always have its place in health and well-being. One simple example is antibiotics. The number of lives it has saved in the past is countless. I can tell you that when we did a medical mission in Arteaga, Mexico during July of 2004 and the medications arrived late on the second day, those antibiotics were like gold for treating the children with high fever and suffering from acute otitis.

What is then the place for hypnosis?

I find hypnosis to be an interesting alternative for that gray zone where neither psychology nor traditional medicine have good results. An example of those applications is Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Chronic Anxiety and Stress, Insomnia, Natural Childbirth, etc.

Why do you think hypnosis works?

As you know when we take resolutions with the best intentions in the world, we get into an internal battle. An example of this is when someone is on a diet. What is the number one thought in his or her mind? Yes, food! So the second she is getting off this diet, guess what, those foods are gone. Hypnosis works on the subconscious part of our mind, the non-arguing part, so changes take place easily and effortlessly. I always get a smile on my face when I catch myself doing something that I know is a direct consequence of the suggestions I got in hypnosis, like saying no thank you to food I would normally have swallowed up in the past.

Why do you have such an interest in hypnosis?

Interestingly, I am a medical doctor who happens to think that we are overmedicated. The consumption of medication is constantly rising and we all know that when we take a pill, there are side-effects associated with it, sometimes creating more problems. I always get concerned when they take a medication off the market because they had "unexplained deaths" with people on this medication.

It is obvious that everyone should have a good doctor that they see regularly. I see modern hypnosis as a complement to medicine. If a person is highly overweight, her blood pressure tends to rise, her sugar levels increase, her arteries get clogged, her doctor will do the follow-up and take all necessaries measures to ensure the best. But where can this person go to find help in loosing weight, getting motivation for exercises, diminishing her stress levelYet? This is where hypnosis can play a very interesting, complementary and natural role.

Hypnosis is very powerful because it works by bypassing the critical factors of the conscious mind . This way, more positive and healthy suggestions can be input in the subconscious and result in easy changes. The most impressive application of hypnosis for me is when I saw the movie of a woman who had a caesarian section with hypnosis as the sole anesthesia and was singing during the whole procedure. In fact, doctor James Eisdale (1808-1859) , a surgeon, performed hundreds of surgeries in Calcutta (some major ones like amputations) with only hypnosis as anesthesia. He actually reported a postoperative death rate of 5% while the current rate at that period was over 50%. This shows you that when you go into surgery with the proper mind set, you recover much better, a proven scientific fact. This convinced me.

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Special thanks to my children who have been more than understanding about what having a career mother implies. Their profound support and pride of me has been and will always be my number one drive.

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